The desire to improve

About us

We're an experienced consulting firm dedicated to delivering outcomes to help customers solve their complex IT challenges.

Xtravirt designs and builds strategies and solutions to help customers solve their complex IT challenges and unlock the full potential of cloud, datacentre and workspace technology. We are recognised for harnessing the power of technological innovation to transform business.

Our services include advising strategy and direction, optimising and integrating technologies and teams, through to delivering international IT transformation programmes.

Independence is our asset and people, our strength. Every individual who joins us becomes an integral part of the Xtravirt team, enriching who we are through their combined talents and insights.

Where are you on your journey?

We will take you further

Hybrid Cloud

You're in the cloud and want to avoid hitting a plateau

Private Cloud

You're delivering self-service and automation but want to increase efficiency and elasticity by connecting to a cloud provider


You've made the consolidation gains but want to reduce sprawl and manual tasking


You are still reliant on physical, but want to be more agile and optimised

Our leadership team

Xtravirt’s leadership is an experienced and tight-knit team of professionals who are passionate about enabling clients leverage technology to achieve the best return.

Gavin Jolliffe

CEO & Co-founder

Gavin is a technology entrepreneur with over 17 years executive and operational experience. He progressed to become one of 5 Enterprise Architects for Atkins, a 17,000 employee global design firm. Launching Xtravirt in 2007 he led its growth through software development, and achieved subsequent acquisition of its product portfolio in 2008. Gavin has since grown a leading consulting organisation which is recognised for its expertise in software-defined data center and cloud solutions.

Paul Davey

Sonar Architect & Co-founder

Paul is a technology professional with 17 years IT solution architecture and software development experience. He spent 3 years as an Enterprise Architect at Atkins, a 17,000 employee design firm, and subsequently co-founded Xtravirt. With over 10 software products to his credit he is also a Fellow of the British Computer Society. Paul is responsible for Sonar, an analytics platform incubated within Xtravirt, and manages the development roadmap and software development team.

Stuart Durrett

Chief Operating Officer

Stuart is an experienced business-focussed individual with strong people management skills. He has previously worked for organisations including Atkins, and the Metropolitan Police in various IT capacities, including managing large scale IT transformation projects. Stuart's responsibilities include the management of Xtravirt's consulting operations, operational finance, and commercial governance with Xtravirt's largest clients.

Matt Hoppe

Sales Director

Matt is an experienced, successful businessman and sales leader, running his own consulting organisation for over 11 years before exiting in 2013. He is responsible for developing and executing the corporate sales plan for Xtravirt's services, develops strategic relationships, and manages the field and in-house sales functions of the business.

Ted Bechman

Finance Director

Ted qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young approximately 30 years ago. He has been the CFO on a number of Corporate transactions including several IPOs on AIM in London and is an experienced Financial Director specialising in fast growth technology businesses. Having been involved with Xtravirt for 6 years, he provides both strategic and operational support to the Company.

Tim Shepherd

Consulting Practice Manager

Tim has 20 years experience within the technology industry in customer-facing roles managing people and disparate teams within large multi-national enterprises. Within Xtravirt he manages multiple stakeholder relationships, service delivery logistics, quality assurance, and professional development of the consulting team.

Craig Whelan

Operations Manager

Craig is an experienced IT professional with diverse enterprise expertise in process and procedural analysis, business transformation and project management across enterprises in finance, retail and engineering sectors. He is responsible for service delivery management for Xtravirt consulting projects, including facilitation, project governance, and IP management.

Our commitment to you

Xtravirt's ethos to our clients is simple but deep-rooted

Understanding you

Creating alignment and perspective is key. We'll ensure we are on the same page with where you are and where you need to get to. Painting the big picture then breaking it down into achievable parts through requirements and objectives that guide direction and the path forward.

Designing the right solution

Simplicity wherever possible, but recognising that one size does not fit all. We carefully consider change and integration, and deliver our combined experience to create robust long-term solutions which are right for you.

Rolling our sleeves up

Trusted partner is not a status easily gained. We start by having the expedition mindset, expecting the unexpected and always finding another way through. Taking ownership and getting the job done through leadership, tenacity and teamwork builds confidence. Always doing what is right, and keeping our promises builds trust.

Delivering outcomes

We aim to deliver your objectives beyond expectation and maximise the value of technology in your business. We're constantly watching the horizon for you, understanding situations, drivers and impacts, and avoiding pitfalls, smoothing the way ahead for your next journey.