Making data work for you

Analytics-as-a-service for VMware

One of the biggest challenges for IT is enterprise-wide visibility. We deliver transparency and smart insights right to your door.

Big data and analytics is rapidly expanding the capability of operations and management teams. Today's virtualised data centres are dynamic, complex, and generate lots of data, leading to unending battles, hidden hazards, unpredictable events, operational waste. Limited or fragmented information leads to intuition and guesswork.

No matter what challenges you face, we can help with our highly affordable analytics-as-a-service offering for VMware. We provide a remote analytics service for your VMware virtual infrastructures, concentrating on continual improvement of your environments, reducing reactive issues, and moving you to issue prevention, while enabling improved change planning, and management reporting.

How it works

Within organisations there is a constant lifecycle of moving parts and parallel workstreams delivering maintenance and change. Our analytics service continually addresses needs and challenges across the spectrum of activities from baselining to management reporting.

Our portfolio of actionable analytics are tuned to use cases that audiences across your IT organisation can easily consume, reducing manual tasking that would otherwise take weeks of time.

Advanced context-rich analytics backed by experts

Our service leverages the powerful and secure cloud-based analytics platform Sonar, powered by the Microsoft cloud.

At key review points we apply our deep consultative expertise to further interpret the results highlighting opportunities for improvement and cost saving. Think of us as your virtual consultant freeing up your time and resources.

Zero overhead

A true cloud service, requiring no additional overhead, no infrastructure, administration, training, upgrades, backup, or other 3rd party software.

The service is charged annually per VMware vCenter server, meaning you can run unlimited numbers of hosts and VMs at no additional cost.

Information distribution at lightspeed

Each assessment is categorised by key focus area (resolution, prevention, planning, reporting), use case (capacity, performance, configuration), and ITSM role group to guide effective information flow and distribution.

A recommended baseline schedule is then implemented to suit your organisation which delivers a managed plan of regular analysis.

5 key cost benefits

Significantly reduce IT and business costs, and keep your finger on the pulse

5 Key Cost Benfits Diagram
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Improved visibility enables more accurate forecasting and improved resource planning reducing capital and operational costs

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70% of IT outages are through human error. More complete information improves decision making, reducing change risk and downtime

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Improve and sustain system performance while reducing security risk through maintaining optimal system configuration and operating practices

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Optimisation of resources enables assets to be sweated longer, reducing capital cost cycles

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Automatic identification and optimisation of resources as part of regular planned maintenance increases cost savings through reduction of wasted resources

Analytics-as-a-service for VMware

  • A comprehensive remote managed analytics and reporting service for VMware environments bringing together collections of insights and best practices enabling you retake control
  • A portfolio of 16 assessments built from over 117 analytics, and 400 key metrics designed to achieve leaner costs and consistently deliver a more robust and optimised environment
  • Identification of hidden issues, assessment of configuration drift, performance trends and bottlenecks, while offering continual best practice guidance

  • Scheduled delivery of consumable insights to individuals and teams across the organisation ensures that vital information is distributed on a regular planned basis
  • Powerful analysis including comprehensive assessments health checks, document-your environment, combined with component level analysis, focussing on capacity, performance and configuration, auditing, security, licensing and much more.

Areas we cover

Here are some examples of the types of insights and analysis we deliver across a VMware vSphere environment.

Areas we cover diagram