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Citrix Cloud

Citrix delivers flexibility and control to transform work and keep business moving forward. Xtravirt harnesses that power and integrates it seamlessly into your organisation.

Citrix technology is trusted by the world s best known brands for the secure and reliable delivery of applications and data. Workspaces including, file sharing, apps, to full desktops can be deployed rapidly and securely on any cloud or infrastructure you choose.

Xtravirt is a leading Citrix solution advisor and integrator, accredited across the entire Citrix portfolio, and have successfully transformed numerous organisations, from mid-market to large multi-national enterprises. If you are looking to get more out of your existing Citrix solution, or are considering a move to a Citrix cloud infrastructure, then we can help.

How we can help you

Xtravirt can help you achieve the highest levels of efficiency, manageability and agility for all of your strategic IT services – from enabling mobile workstyles to delivering cloud services. Our proven Citrix methodologies have been developed and refined over 10 years of successful implementations, and by taking advantage of our experienced consulting team you will accelerate and de-risk your implementation.

Cloud Strategy

Gain insights exploring Cloud Computing models that other organisations have leveraged, benefiting from recommended approaches and reduced time to value.

Xtravirt delivers assessments that review your business objectives and priorities, providing a framework to move forward along the optimal route.

Cloud Infrastructure

Develop your infrastructure value beyond pooled resources by leveraging Citrix cloud and automation solutions.

We deliver Citrix cloud all the way from roadmap to post-deployment support, starting with a cloud infrastructure assessment. This is an interactive workshop to enable you to leverage our experience to shape and accelerate cloud services to your organisation.

Health and Optimisation

Many organisations have significant investments in Citrix technology. These scalable and dynamic environments can often organically drift from optimal performance.

To ensure you get the most out of your Citrix environment, we offer packaged assessments which review health, configuration, performance and capacity across all of your Citrix solutions.

Citrix Cloud Packaged Services

We deliver structured engagements for a range of Citrix solutions whether you’re looking to modernise, optimise, or improve business agility.