Life Beyond BYOD

Join us for an interesting discussion around Cloud Desktops. Our guests for this episode are Xtravirt Senior Consultant Curtis Brown and Cloud Insiders regular Pete Grant who discuss cloud desktops, offerings available from the main vendors, and how organisations can benefit from their adoption. Curtis and Pete provide insight from their own experiences, and analyse the questions clients should be asking when considering a move to a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) model.

Our guests also discuss the types of businesses that are beginning to implement DaaS; where to start when considering moving to a cloud desktop model; how Xtravirt are addressing issues and helping organisations within this space; as well as where the future is heading for cloud desktops.

Topics Covered:

  • What are Cloud Desktops?
  • How can organisations benefit from their adoption?
  • What questions should clients be asking when considering a move to a DaaS model?
  • How is Xtravirt helping organisations within this space?
  • What does the future look like for Cloud Desktops?