The Cloud Insiders Guide to Business Continuity

Peter Groucutt of Databarracks and Peter Grant from Xtravirt talk risk, cost of downtime and the rewards inherent in good planning.

Join us for an interesting discussion regarding business continuity and disaster recovery in a web-scaled, cloud-based world. Our guests Peter Groucutt, MD of Databarracks and Peter Grant, CTO of Xtravirt, discuss the types of risk organisations need to be aware of, the value of analysing each and the role cloud-based services play in Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). The discussion includes the changing nature of risk, the emergence of cyber crime and how organisations both large and small are engaging with the pressing need for business continuity planning.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Business continuity planning?
  • How does Disaster recovery feature in cloud-based services?
  • How should you be looking at business continuity planning?
  • How are risks facing organisations changing over time?
  • How has the cloud changed continuity planning?