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The increase in global connectivity, cloud adoption, and an explosion of data have highlighted a sharp divide between modern fluid infrastructures and the older fixed technology approach. Cloud infrastructure and applications are driving collaboration and agility like never before, outpacing previous models, and exposing a new collection of risks and vulnerabilities within a new hybrid world of modern and legacy.

Xtravirt helps businesses transition from the world of securing devices and zones to protecting entire agile cloud infrastructures and ecosystems, tackling breaches before they occur, and providing practical steps for safeguarding your people and organisation from cybercrime.

How we can help you

Xtravirt enables you to achieve operational efficiency gains through SDN automation and network segmentation, and direct integration of existing third party network and security solutions. Our deep experience ensures a non-disruptive deployment over existing physical networks and topologies.

Infrastructure vulnerability

Understanding where exposures exist is a key first step to taking control of your security defences, while underpinning compliance. We provide services ranging from executive briefings, design reviews, and vulnerability assessments through to sophisticated attack simulations designed to test and harden security barriers.

Networking Security and Management

Increase security with micro-segmentation and dynamic firewalling, while reducing rule sprawl with central policy management. Environments can be isolated, enabling mobile DMZ’s and secure end user workloads.

Workspace protection

Endpoints on your networks are a common target for threats, and ensuring they are protected is vital for a robust security strategy. We bring latest practices combined with deep real world experience to enable you to protect, defend and respond.

Business Continuity

Simplify disaster recovery and connect to Hybrid Cloud environments using intelligent distributed architecture and capacity pooling.

The average cost of a data breach

Xtravirt helps you to protect yourself against those worse case scenarios.

Ponemon Institute 2016 cost of data breach study, UK

We turn cybersecurity into an enabler for digital business.

  • A robust security strategy with a detailed framework to deliver it, resulting in reduction of your risk profile and protection of your data and brand
  • Networking architectures and infrastructure which meets the needs of modern cloud demands
  • A clear understanding of your risk profile, surface exposures, and actions to mitigate
  • Preparation and response planning enablement
  • Operationalising current security practices and ensuring regulatory compliance


Xtravirt Cybersecurity Guide: What to do in a Malware Attack

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