IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) provider aims to ramp-up operations in the region following successful 2016


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – March 17, 2017 – Blue Medora, a leading innovator in ITOA for enterprise cloud, database and infrastructure management, today announced its partnership with cloud and virtualisation solutions provider, Xtravirt. The move comes as Blue Medora looks to expand its footprint in EMEA with its SaaS database monitoring platform, SelectStar.

Blue Medora saw its customer numbers in EMEA experience 42% net growth in 2016 as organisations used both its platform extension capabilities and SelectStar to overcome database complexity and visibility challenges. To increase its presence in the region, Blue Medora has chosen to work with the consultancy and solutions provider, Xtravirt.

Xtravirt has vast experience in virtualisation and is currently focusing on assisting organisations through the IT transformation journey towards a digital infrastructure, including the shift towards migrating to software-defined data centres. The consultancy and solutions provider, which is in its 10th year of business, has seen an average growth of 32% year on year and is looking to increase this in 2017 across EMEA.

“We are delighted to be working with specialist partners such as Xtravirt as we look to build on a successful 2016 in EMEA,” said Ian Wells, regional sales director EMEA at Blue Medora. “The ITOA market is thriving at the moment as organisations search for way to best view and manage their networks so it is crucial for us to work with knowledgeable partners who can help us reach them.”

“Xtravirt is always looking for up and coming companies who have new and innovative ways to support our customer base and this is why we are excited about working with Blue Medora,” said Gavin Jolliffe, Xtravirt CEO. “With the increasing amount of data in today’s digital world, we have noticed a demand for database management tools so organisations can run their IT environments effectively and maintain uptime. We work with numerous vendors and system integrators to help their customers move to the cloud. However, the IT landscape is always evolving and what we are now increasingly seeing is organisations that are looking to head to software-defined data centres. It is our job to assist them throughout this process and being able to work with partners such as Blue Medora ensures we are advising our customers on the implementation of the most effective tools for the job.”


About Blue Medora

Blue Medora software solutions tie together data from virtualised and cloud-based databases, applications and services with the critical underlying compute, storage and network infrastructure to create a unified view of the infrastructure. These capabilities are delivered as platform extensions for VMware’s vRealize cloud management software, Oracle Cloud Control and New Relic. Blue Medora also offers SelectStar, an agile database monitoring platform that helps DBAs, especially those supporting DevOps teams, give speedy feedback and more accurate answers.

Blue Medora’s products enable IT operations and DevOps teams to work collaboratively and proactively to avoid downtime, resolve performance problems and make better decisions using more comprehensive analytics. Blue Medora believes true visibility into business critical applications is only achieved when enterprise technology teams have access to a comprehensive set of relationship-aware ITOA metrics.


About Xtravirt

Xtravirt is an experienced consulting firm dedicated to delivering outcomes to help customers solve their IT challenges. We design and build strategies to help customers unlock the full potential of cloud, datacentre and workspace technology.


Our core business covers digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, digital workspace and cybersecurity. Our services include advising strategy and direction, optimising and integrating technology and teams through to delivering end-to-end IT transformation programmes.