Secure infrastructure

Software-defined Networking for VMware NSX

Realise operational efficiency through automation and network segmentation, reducing provisioning time from days to seconds. Xtravirt are specialists in software-defined networking.

The network virtualisation platform VMware NSX®, is a key product in the SDDC architecture. With NSX, virtualisation now delivers for networking what it has already delivered for compute and storage.

Xtravirt is a leading VMware NSX specialist and has the ultimate combination of deep experience and agility to unlock your full business and technology potential. If software-defined networking is on your roadmap then this is the place to start.

How we can help you

Xtravirt enables you to achieve operational efficiency gains through SDN automation and network segmentation, and direct integration of existing third party network and security solutions. Our deep experience ensures a non-disruptive deployment over existing physical networks and topologies.

Infrastructure Security and Management

Increase security with micro-segmentation and dynamic firewalling, while reducing rule sprawl with central policy management. Environments can be isolated, enabling mobile DMZ’s and secure end user workloads.

Data Centre Automation and Optimisation

Reduce network provisioning time and simplify management, whilst reducing the risk through automated policies that avoid manual errors. Remove traditional concerns around VLAN limitations and enable self-service features.

Business Continuity

Simplify disaster recovery and connect to Hybrid Cloud environments using intelligent distributed architecture and capacity pooling

Software Defined Networking Packaged Services

Xtravirt deliver structured Network Virtualisation Planning services for VMware and Citrix solutions to get you on your way.