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Citrix® SD-WAN provides and delivers a secure and resilient network for a high-performance user experience with a lower TCO. WAN  virtualisation enables the use of multiple diverse networks, that are continuously monitored to ensure applications take the most efficient route.

Xtravirt designs and builds strategies and solutions to solve complex IT challenges to unlock your full business and technology potential. If software-defined networking is on your roadmap, then this is the place to start.

Xtravirt’s Citrix SD-WAN Planning Workshop is a structured 2-day planning and strategy service delivered by Xtravirt that provides the following:

  • First hand practical preparation and training from specialists tailored to your environment, where you can leverage their experience to set the right approach for your organisation and prevent any potential pitfalls
  • Expert coaching through strategy and planning sessions that identify which focal areas will give you the greatest return on investment
  • Capturing and documentation of findings from the sessions, centralising key planning information around solution design, real world best practices, impacts and dependencies


The traditional WAN was not designed to tackle today’s application traffic. The Citrix software-defined WAN solution, Citrix SD-WAN (formerly known as NetScaler SD-WAN), offers a scalable, reliable, and cloud-ready approach that fits in to a multitude of use cases.

Feature benefits

  • Maintain high performance for mission critical applications even when a network link fails and improve the virtual desktop experience to branch-office and mobile users by accelerating traditional enterprise applications
  • Expand WAN capacity with low-cost broadband connections, maintaining MPLS-level quality and reliability, while simplifying IT with integrated routing, firewall and WAN optimisation
  • Secure data across the WAN and to the cloud with strong encryption, application-level security policies and data segmentation
  • Gain visibility into application delivery to proactively manage the user experience

Key use cases

  • Consistent User Experience – Application and elements of application can be grouped into different categories with  different priorities and bandwidths. Granular application awareness combined with network intelligence, ensures critical applications receive priority and are routed across the highest-quality link
  • Business Growth and Centralisation – IT must be able to quickly and easily deploy new sites on the network, easily define network and application policies, and identify the sources of problems in application delivery. Citrix SD-WAN allows centralised policy definition across all network services and zero touch deployment, simplifying new site setup, while providing detailed reporting on the true bandwidth available
  • Increased Network Efficiency – Create a reliable WAN from diverse network links, including MPLS, broadband, and wireless, continuously measuring and monitoring each link for loss, latency, jitter and congestion. Link outages and errors are mitigated by Citrix SD-WAN’s ability to move traffic off poor performing links without impact to the applications

Activities and Outcomes

  • Onsite training to gain a deeper understanding of what Citrix SD-WAN is and how it works, including associated technologies and concepts
  • Workshop session discussing organisational strategy requirements, constraints and operational readiness
  • Capturing of specific use cases and definition of a high-level design approach and framework implementation model
  • Presentation of documented findings including next step options

Workshop schedule

Day 1 Session 1
  • Introduction to SD-WAN
  • WAN virtualisation with Citrix SD-WAN
Session 2
  • SD-WAN key components and services overview
  • Deploying SD-WAN outline
Day 2 Session 1
  • Introduction to SD-WAN troubleshooting
  • Customer use case discussion
Session 2
  • High-level design workshop
  • Next steps for deploying SD-WAN with Xtravirt

Additional Services

We deliver end-to-end outcomes, from cloud strategy through to solution implementation, including designing and building private/hybrid clouds for user workspaces with self-service provisioning and management.

Related follow on packages delivered by Xtravirt include the Health Check Service for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Cloud Readiness Assessment for Citrix, as well as custom or bespoke services tailored to fit specific customer requirements.

Date Published: 12th April 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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Date Published: 12th April 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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