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At a glance

Managing and maintaining environments for test and development can be time-consuming and costly. Traditional challenges faced by organisations include bottlenecks in provisioning resources or support peak business demand in a timely way, resulting in many cases where the organization bypasses IT to procure their own cloud services creating shadow IT duplication, cost and management complexity.

A hybrid cloud model enables the best of all worlds, where IT responsiveness increases while reducing operational costs through maintaining centralised IT. On-premise resources can be freed up, enabling the business to effortlessly move new services to production in a unified way, reducing the development lifecycle.

Test and development within hybrid cloud is a straight-forward and cost-effective way to gain on-demand, flexible capacity without the traditional infrastructure management and costs.

CloudConnect for Test and Development with Xtravirt delivers a proof-of-concept environment, together with comprehensive hands-on training and enablement for customers to integrate with Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

It allows you to seamlessly transition your test and development capabilities, reduce costs, complexity and time to value, compared with traditional approaches.

Feature Benefits

  • Fast-track qualification, design and enablement for the chosen cloud provider for test and development environments
  • Significantly reduce time and risk, to assess, architect and integrate with the chosen cloud provider for a test and development solution
  • Personalised hands-on training with your own in-house proof-of-concept environment to reduce time to production roll-out
  • Accelerate advanced training for your teams, enabling optimised implementation and robust business-as-usual support

Activities and Outcomes

  • Overview of the chosen cloud provider and their capabilities together with design workshops focussing on test and development infrastructure
  • Technical enablement through deep dive workshops covering workload provisioning, networking and security
  • Integration of the chosen cloud provider into your on-premise environment as a hands-on proof-of-concept for test and development
  • Architectural design overview for test and development environments within the chosen cloud, together with guidance for implementation, optimisation and operation of these environments
  • Overview of the subscription model and summary assessment of existing operational procedures as it relates to a hybrid cloud model


Week 1
  • Overview of selected providers
  • TCO overview and financial models
  • Selected cloud provider technical deep dive
  • Integration of the hybrid service into your environment
  • Design workshops for test and development
Week 2
  • Implementation of test and development scenarios
  • Approaches for optimisation and automating test and development in a hybrid cloud environment
  • Operational process and procedure definition

Additional Services

We deliver end-to-end outcomes, from cloud strategy through to solution implementation, including designing and building private/hybrid clouds & self-service provisioning and management.

Other additional services delivered by Xtravirt include, CloudCheckCloudConnect for Distaster Recovery and CloudConnect for Test and Development. Alternatively, services can be tailored to fit specific customer requirements.

Date Published: 1st June 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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Date Published: 1st June 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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