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At a glance

The modern cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and challenging organisations to tackle breaches before they occur. The complex nature of modern cyber-attacks makes it necessary to take a layered approach.

The Cybersecurity Review Service delivered by Xtravirt, takes a pragmatic stance on reviewing your high-level security posture, identifying strengths and weaknesses and advising on tactical and strategic actions, to help you defend your business against modern threats.

Securing your customers, securing your brand

It is key in today’s digital, cloud and mobile first era, that businesses of all shapes and sizes secure their information, data and services from threats both inside and outside the organisation.

Service Benefits

  • Better understand your security position and enhance its strengths
  • Enable awareness of good operating practices to secure your business assets
  • Achieve a high-level roadmap to fill cybersecurity gaps, both tactical and strategic

Key use cases

  • Self-awareness – understand your cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses in the context of your organisation
  • Security assessment – compare your security posture in line with modern security standards and best practises
  • Auditing success – Prepare for assessment, including Cyber Essentials and ISO27001

Activities and Outcomes

  • Onsite interviews, workshops and meetings to work with your teams and understand the current landscape
  • Review of key artefacts including cybersecurity policies, organisation roles and responsibilities, network and service topologies
  • Review of key processes including, security incident response, patch management and change management
  • Hands-on technical discovery sessions to review the network, endpoints, exposure to common threats and vulnerabilities
  • Detailed findings and recommendations report, including key stakeholder presentation


Week 1
  • Planning and discovery workshops
  • Review of key components and process
  • Assessment of vulnerabilities and threats
Week 2
  • Report  Creation
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations

A typical engagement reviews an environment with approximately 150 endpoints, and engagements can be tailored for large or complex environments.

Technical Discovery

This is the key part of the threat and vulnerability assessment activity, designed to rapidly discover your network footprint and overall strength of your security controls.

  • Network discovery – a technical review to understand network topology, endpoints and discoverable services
  • Vulnerability assessment – internal tool-based scanning using credential and credentials views on the current state security configuration and patch levels

Additional Services

We deliver end-to-end outcomes from cloud strategy to solution  implementation and offer a range of complementary services across the service lifecycle, including:

  • Security Assessment Services
  • Security Health check
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security configuration audit
  • Service hardening

Date Published: 25th May 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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Date Published: 25th May 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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