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At a glance

Microsoft® Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services where IT professionals can build, deploy and manage infrastructure and applications to support their business’ needs.

Azure allows IT departments the freedom to deploy infrastructure hosted outside of their organisation, in whichever location across Microsoft’s global network of data centres.

Xtravirt designs and builds strategies and solutions to solve complex IT challenges to unlock your full business and technology potential.  If you are considering a move to Microsoft Azure, then this is the place to start.

IaaS for Microsoft Azure is a structured 2-day planning and strategy workshop delivered by Xtravirt that provides the following:

  • Definition of specific use cases, high-level design approach and framework implementation model
  • First hand practical preparation and training from specialists, tailored to your environment, leveraging their experience to set the right approach for your organisation, thereby avoiding any potential pitfalls
  • Documented findings captured directly from the sessions which centralise and accelerate key planning around solution design and help apply best practice considerations

Why IaaS?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provides a simple way of providing the broad set of components, applications and services that businesses need over the internet. A well deployed IaaS environment can give IT and development teams the ability to focus on what matters most and avoids any delays from procurement, maintenance or capacity planning issues.

Feature Benefits

  • Gain a strong foundation: Contains the building blocks for Cloud IT; compute, storage and networking providing the highest levels of flexibility and management control
  • Increase speed and agility: IT resources immediately available through a portal with access to multiple regions, allowing you to distribute services globally within minutes
  • Reduce CapEx: Move to an OpEx model by only paying for services and resources that are consumed, with minimal management overhead of underlying infrastructure

Key Use Cases

  • Enterprise Infrastructure – speed up provisioning and reduce procurement time. Enable automatic or dynamic up and down scaling of infrastructure, while reducing physical infrastructure footprint. Enable rapid new business on-boarding or mergers
  • Cloud hosting – improve redundancy and high-availability, taking advantage of globally available services. Flexible usage based pricing and simpler hybrid cloud deployments
  • Dev/Test and Production – volatile workloads with significant peaks and troughs around infrastructure demand, or rapid organisation growth where scaling hardware would be problematic

Activities and Outcomes

  • Onsite workshops that outline the core differences in cloud computing models, and identifies the specific challenges your organisation is trying to resolve with IaaS and how Azure meets these challenges.
  • A deeper understanding of Azure and the key components that make up its IaaS offering, the required technologies and follow on services with expert onsite training
  • Discovery and assessment of organisation vision, requirements, constraints and operational readiness through workshop discussions
  • Gathering of information to accelerate and reduce the risk of later activities and project phases
  • Presentation of documented findings

Workshop Schedule

Day 1 Session 1
  • Introduction to Azure and its global infrastructure
  • Azure portal and console demonstration
Session 2
  • Azure key components and services
  • Information gathering session covering existing customer environment and operational processes
Day 2 Session 1
  • Customer use case discussion
  • Strategy definition and planning session
Session 2
  • High level design workshop
  • Next Steps for moving to Azure with Xtravirt

Additional Services

We deliver end-to-end outcomes, from cloud strategy through to solution implementation, and including designing and building  private/hybrid clouds & self-service provisioning and management.

Related services delivered by Xtravirt include, CloudCheck and Citrix CloudConnect for Microsoft Azure. Alternatively, services can be tailored to fit specific customer requirements.

Date Published: 19th May 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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Date Published: 19th May 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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