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Companies are evaluating the transition of server workloads to cloud platforms to increase scalability and resilience whilst reducing cost by increasing operational efficiency.

Xtravirt designs and builds strategies and solutions to solve complex IT challenges to unlock your full business and technology potential. If you’re considering a move to a public cloud, then this is the place to start.

Migration as a Service by Xtravirt moves your workloads swiftly and safely to your preferred cloud provider, or a range of Xtravirt selected premier providers, following our robust, proven and scalable methodology, reducing cost, time and risk.


Accelerated transition

Xtravirt’s blueprinted Passport™ methodology delivers managed service migrations in shorter timeframes, reducing cost, and improving time to value, no matter how complex the environment.

Project risk reduction

Our breadth and depth of expertise and experience results in the avoidance of cloud pitfalls for customers, and by guiding and managing the transition, we deliver confident and assured outcomes.

Optimised solution

Robust and efficient groundwork provides the foundations for accurate sizing of target environments, ensuring the leanest and most effective cost model is achieved.



This service can help you achieve a seamless, assured migration of any size environment, to an optimised cloud platform with the right characteristics for you including:

  • Self-service portal, 24/7 service desk and optional managed services
  • Secure clouds: including UK Government compliance for official and official-sensitive data
  • Flexible pricing: including on-demand hourly billing for resources used
  • Integrated optional backup and distaster recovery
  • Multi-geo cloud presence to assure data sovereignty
  • API automation tool support
  • Physical and virtual workload migration support
  • Flexibility to further transition to cloud native applications

You can flexibly manage your infrastructure or we can manage it for you, providing high value strategic advice and solutions to continually optimise your solution.

Approach and deliverables

Xtravirt understands that every organisation is different, so we have developed a standardised approach for efficiency and assurance, which can be flexibly customised to suit every situation.

The following is a summary outline of our phase-based approach:

  • Discovery – project planning to initiate the project, gathering requirements and scope. Baseline the source environment, rapidly assessing the source environment for scope, sizing, health, service mapping and other dependencies. Modelling workload characteristics.
  • Deployment – Architect, design and deploy the target cloud infrastructure including network connectivity and security, as well as disaster recovery environments where required. Carry out commissioning test planning and reporting, incorporating any physical components.
  • Workload replication – Xtravirt will replicate the source environment virtual workloads and data into the target environment. There are many tools available in Xtravirt’s kitbag to accelerate this process.
  • Transition planning – Using key information gathering, documentation of service and dependency mapping Xtravirt will define and implement plans to transition services onto the new solution. These plans will be developed into service runbooks, providing a step by step workflow for the transfer of a service, including back-out and rollback plans.
  • Service transfer – Execute playbooks and recovery plans, initiate replication, pilot testing, cutover and reconfigure IT services to cloud platform, perform service validation and acceptance testing.
  • Service enablement – Carry out knowledge transfer and training and initiate managed service solutions where applicable.

Date Published: 23rd March 2018
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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Pricing guide

Project Profile 200 Workloads 500 Workloads 1000 Workloads 5000 Workloads
Total Migration From £50,000 From £70,000 From £115,000 From £250,000
Cost Per Workload From £250 From £150 From £115 From £50

Additional Services

We deliver end-to-end outcomes, from cloud strategy through to solution implementation, including designing and building private/ hybrid clouds and self-service provisioning and management. Other additional services delivered by Xtravirt include, CloudCheck, Iaas for Microsoft Azure and IaaS for AWS. Alternatively, services can be tailored to fit specific customer requirements.

Date Published: 23rd March 2018
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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