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The VMware® Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) architecture goes beyond the physical server, extending virtualisation technologies across the entire physical data centre infrastructure, allowing you to accelerate the delivery of applications and IT services.

Xtravirt designs and builds strategies and solutions to solve complex IT challenges to unlock your full business and technology potential. If you’re looking for a Software-Defined infrastructure to help consolidate and modernise your environment, then this is an ideal place to start.

Xtravirt’s SDDC Assess, Design and Deploy service is a phased-based best practice engagement to design and deploy an SDDC  infrastructure based on VMware’s market leading virtualisation technology.

Delivered by Xtravirt, the service includes:

  • Expert led workshops to validate use cases, finalise requirements and identify solution gaps
  • A modular approach to design and deployment based on VMware’s SDDC service modules, enabling the focussed delivery of services that will drive the biggest business benefit
  • Detailed knowledge transfer to ensure that support teams have the best preparation to facilitate the new SDDC infrastructure

The base level of this service is the design and delivery of VMware’s SDDC infrastructure service module, which covers VMware vSphere® and (where applicable) VMware NSX™  for vSphere.  During the engagement initiation workshops, additional SDDC Service modules may be identified and added to address any specific challenges your organisation is facing.


In many cases, data centre infrastructure is now fully virtualised and delivered as a service. The control of the data centre can now also be entirely automated by software, delivering agility to IT organisations, enabling them to respond quickly and appropriately to new business requests across a broad range of use cases.

Feature Benefits

  • Increase IT productivity by optimising virtual platforms and enabling automation of infrastructure provisioning, streamlining application deployment and updating processes
  • Reduce downtime for applications through automated business continuity, virtualisation-aware security and compliance
  • Reduce CapEx and increase savings for management and administration by automating middleware and application provisioning, including policy-based network and storage services with the automation module
  • Increase satisfaction for customers and end-users by enabling broader IT services, and integration of third-party solutions through standard API’s

Key Use Cases

  • Data Centre Optimisation – accelerate infrastructure provisioning, simplify service integration, streamline changes and reduce human-error
  • Self Service Enterprise IT – rapid application deployment with automated network and service provisioning for private clouds and test & development environments. Controlled infrastructure deployment within a production environment
  • Multi-tenant Clouds – automate provisioning for tenants with complete service isolation, maximising hardware sharing across tenants. Enable policy-based management of virtual machines and infrastructure

Engagement Outline

Each project begins with an engagement workshop which identifies use cases and any additional service requirements. This is followed by the design and deployment of the SDDC infrastructure.

Initiation and Overview

  • Summary: A series of workshops to present the full SDDC solution from both a technical and operational perspective
  • Key Activities/Phases:
  • Kickoff – validate requirements, expectations and roles
  • Workshops – covering the SDDC solution, high level architecture, validated designs, use cases and operational processes

Typical duration: 2 weeks

SDDC Infrastructure

  • Summary: The structured design and delivery of the SDDC  foundation layer
  • Key Activities/Phases:
  • Assess – workshops covering use case requirement reviews and gap identification. Undertake data collection and gap analysis
  • Design – document design (based on VMware validated designs), design review workshops, and configuration work books
  • Deploy – implement the SDDC infrastructure module
  • Validate – validate testing of solution
  • Knowledge Transfer – covering design, deployment, and operations procedures

Typical duration: 19 weeks

Date Published: 12th May 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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1.1.1         Additional SDDC Service Modules

These additional Service Modules can be added to the engagement to address any specific customer requirements.

Service Modules

  • SDDC Infrastructure – provides the foundation layer through compute, storage, and networking virtualisation
  • SDDC  Operations – provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities to the management stack
  • SDDC Automation – provides a self-service portal, and a service catalogue with orchestration and policy-based placement for infrastructure workloads, application services, cost visibility, and more
  • BCDR – provides the restart of application services inside a virtual machine, the backup and recovery of data stored within a virtual machine, and/or provides the recovery of business applications if a site failure occurs
  • Hybrid Cloud – provides infrastructure service offerings for virtual machine consumption off-premise using VMware vCloud Air
  • Cost Management – provides infrastructure cost visibility to the provided services

Applicable Products

  • VMware vSphere®
  • VMware  NSX™ for vSphere
  • VMware  vRealize® Operations Manager™
  • VMware  vRealize® Infrastructure Navigator™
  • VMware  vRealize® Hyperic®
  • VMware  vRealize® Log Insight™
  • VMware  vRealize® Automation
  • VMware  vRealize® Orchestrator™
  • VMware  vRealize® Business Standard

Additional Services

We deliver end-to-end outcomes, from cloud strategy through to solution implementation, including designing and building private/hybrid clouds and self-service provisioning and management.

Other related services delivered by Xtravirt include Virtualisation Health CheckOperations Management for VMware and Cloud Automation for VMware vRealize. Alternatively, services can be tailored to fit specific customer requirements.

Date Published: 12th May 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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