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At a glance

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) acts as a conduit between you and your customers – providing two-way feedback to build customer loyalty, drive value from IT investments and shape future product development.

With Xtravirt’s TAM’s you can manage customer relationships in a more strategic way and generate future growth opportunities.

Key features and benefits

  • Accelerate technology and solution adoption
  • Help customers realize the value derived from their IT investments
  • Support knowledge transfer and up-skilling of staff
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce support costs
  • Ensure standardisation by managing and delivering the customer on-boarding experience

Activities and Outcomes

The Technical Account Management service helps your business drive service delivery excellence.  Activities within the TAM’s remit include:

  • Regular solution health checks
  • Knowledge transfer through practical training sessions and workshops
  • Communication of updates, including new products, solutions and upgrades
  • Customer satisfaction measurement and highlighting possible issues through service reviews
  • Providing feedback from customers to inform solution development plans
  • Identification of pain points and training requirements
  • Practical guides showcasing features and possible use cases
  • Upgrade and migration planning services
  • Customer on-boarding planning and execution


Xtravirt deliver TAM services through a range of  flexible packages, that can be scaled to the needs of your business and customers.  We work with you to determine the level of support required to help you meet your business objectives. Typically, this service is provided on an annual or multi year basis.

We create tailored Service Delivery Plans to set out the appropriate levels and scope of TAM support required.  These plans drive business value from the customer’s IT investments and improve operational efficiencies.

The TAM acts as a key point of contact for technology-related questions and coordinates issue management and problem resolution.  They are highly versatile and skilled professionals.  Xtravirt will provide you with a TAM that is a good match for your business – someone who understands your core products and solutions and complementary technologies.  In addition to deep technical knowledge, our TAM’s are experts in customer and issue handling.

Our TAM’s are also able to draw upon Xtravirt’s deep pool of expertise, with direct access to our technical consultants, project managers and solution experts to help you deliver service excellence.

The TAM can also deliver new opportunities back to your business and drive change from within your customers’ environments.  Building relationships at every level internally and externally, they act as advocates of new technology and inspire change.

Additional services

Xtravirt have a full range of ‘packaged services’ – robust consultancy solutions based on proven methodologies that can be used to:

  • Fully scope out the IT challenges in any environment
  • Guide planning and implementation strategies
  • Highlight pitfalls and potential show stoppers
  • De-risk and future proof the customer’s IT investment
  • Help build strategic relationships and improve customer lifetime value


Xtravirt have additional related services including: IT transformation through Migration as a Service, Managed Service Desk and IT Transformation Strategy Services.

Alternatively, services can be tailored to fit specific customer requirements.

Date Published: 25th July 2018
Date Modified: 1st April 2019
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Date Published: 25th July 2018
Date Modified: 1st April 2019
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