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At a glance

VMware NSX-T™ is a key component of the Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) delivering network virtualisation across multi-tenant, Hybrid-Cloud, and containerised environments.

Xtravirt designs and builds strategies and solutions to solve complex IT challenges to unlock your full business and technology potential. If Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is on your roadmap then this is the place to start.

The VMware NSX-T Planning Workshop is a structured 2-day planning and strategy service delivered by Xtravirt that provides the following:

  • First hand practical preparation and training from specialists, tailored to your environment. Leverage their experience to set the right approach for your organisation, thereby avoiding any potential pitfalls
  • Expert coaching through strategy and planning sessions that identifies which focal areas will give you the greatest return on investment
  • Findings captured directly from the sessions are documented, including key planning information around solution design, real world best practices, impacts and dependencies


NSX-T can enhance and simplify the data centre environment with network virtualisation as well as deliver immediate benefits to the business across a broad range of use cases. It offers application-centric security at the workload level to prevent the lateral spread of threats, and, due to its true cloud hybridity, security rules follow applications and workloads even across multi-cloud environments.

Feature benefits

  • Provides a complete set of logical networking elements and services including: logical switching and routing, distributed firewalls, load balancers, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Quality of Service (QoS) and monitoring
  • Multi-hypervisor, multi-cloud networking and security from one platform
  • Capable of multi-tenant routing with Network Address Translation (NAT) & load-balancing available at the tenant level
  • Generalised container plug-in architecture
  • Ultimate workload mobility as security rules follow the workload through whichever cloud platform is required
  • Scale-out distributed controller architecture
  • Enable a non-disruptive deployment over existing physical networks and topologies, and supports multi-hypervisors

Key use cases

  • Application and container security and management – increase security with micro-segmentation and dynamic firewalling, while reducing rule sprawl with central policy management. Environments can be isolated, enabling Mobile DMZ’s and secure end user workloads (e.g. VDI).
  • Hybrid cloud network automation and optimisation – speed up network provisioning and simplify service insertion, whilst reducing the risk of network changes with automatic policies that avoid manual errors.
  • Containerised application security – the NSX-T Container Plug-in (NCP) will connect your Kubernetes container cluster to the rest of your SDDC infrastructure, providing seamless logical networking, load-balancing and security to your containerised applications.

Activities and Outcomes

Xtravirt’s service delivers the following:

  • Onsite training to gain a deeper understanding of what NSX-T is and how it works, including associated technologies and concepts
  • Workshop session discussing organisation strategy requirements, constraints and operation readiness
  • Capturing of specific use cases and definition of a high-level design approach and framework implementation model
  • Presentation of documented findings including next step options

Workshop Schedule

  • Introduction to a SDDC
  • Network virtualisation with VMware NSX-T
  • NSX-T key components and services overview
  • Deploying NSX-T outline
  • Bridging virtual and physical workloads
  • Introduction to NSX-T troubleshooting
  • Customer use case discussion
  • High-level design workshop
  • Next steps for deploying NSX-T with Xtravirt


Other related services delivered by Xtravirt include Network Virtualisation Planning for VMware NSX-V and Cloud Automation for VMware vRealize services, as well as custom or bespoke services tailored to fit the specific customer requirements.

Date Published: 17th April 2019
Date Modified: 17th April 2019
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Date Published: 17th April 2019
Date Modified: 17th April 2019
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