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Embracing the demands of workforce mobility and flexible working with a modern, integrated, end-user workspace solution can give your business a competitive edge. Transforming legacy desktop environments is an increasing priority for many organisations, but a key challenge is knowing where to start.

Workspace Express is a structured, 3-5 week engagement focused on rapidly providing the information needed to make strategic workspace decisions leading to significant operational savings. Xtravirt navigates you through the whole sphere of desktop transformation options, from virtual desktop delivery to data collaboration, to find the best fit solution that meets your business objectives.

Xtravirt works with you to:

  • Identify your organisation’s objectives, based on challenges and aspirations around workspace
  • Identify and guide you away from the common pitfalls of modern desktop transformation
  • Collect key metrics and data to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the desktop estate
  • Provide independent guidance on relevant technology and implementation options


The Workspace Express engagement offers customers a number

of benefits including:

Business case justification

Understanding what value desktop transformation can bring and what costs will be incurred in the process is an important factor for any organisation. Xtravirt Workspace Express analyses your environment to highlight tangible savings that can be achieved, and the report provides balanced real-world metrics to support your business case.

Technology agnostic view

Xtravirt’s role as independent solution provider means that we’re focused on achieving the best fit solution for your organisation. We offer an unbiased view of the main desktop transformation technologies available, such as VMware and Citrix.

Access to valuable expertise

  • Confidence in the right strategy – As experts in the market we have vast experience in desktop transformation projects. This packaged service allows you to access that expertise, avoid any pitfalls and produce the best workspace strategy for your organisation.
  • Confidence in future design decisions – The Workspace Express Report is based on detailed, objective and current desktop data allowing design decisions to be made quickly and accurately.


Low investment

Workspace Express is designed to be delivered with low investment in time and effort by the customer.

Project autonomy

This stand-alone packaged service provides customers with the key information needed to progress with a desktop transformation project using resources of your choice.

Date Published: 19th February 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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Workspace EXPRESS uses well-defined interviews and workshops, along with specialised automated toolsets, to gather the information required for the analysis stage. The report provided at the end of the engagement forms the reference point for the entire future desktop transformation project.

Data is typically collected over 2-4 weeks using leading analytics tools, then presented in an easy-to-read report, supported by cleansed data for future modelling and in-depth analyses.

This data collection stage provides rich information about key metrics, including:

  • User concurrency and sizing
  • User data and profiles
  • Login and boot performance
  • Applications installed and used
  • Application performance, existing issues and faults
  • Virtualised application issues
  • Printer usage
  • Hardware inventory

Sample Schedule

The Workspace EXPRESS service is a complete, structured engagement involving an initial 2-4 days on the customer site before a 2-4 week automated data collection period.  A further 3 days of data analysis, reporting and presentation completes the engagement.

Day 1
  • Kick-off workshop
  • Understanding key challenges
  • Requirements gathering
  • Definition of objectives
  • Assessment tool deployment
Day 2-4
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Data check
2-4 Weeks Automated Data Collection
Day 1
  • Data Analysis
Day 2-3
  • Report writing and presentation


The deliverables for this engagement are:

  • “Workspace EXPRESS Report”, which contains:
  • User data and experience analysis
  • Application and hardware analysis
  • Strategy and technology validation
  • Hosting platform sizing metrics
  • Business case justifications
  • Supplementary data files:
  • Detailed modelling data for future analysis and planning
  • Summary presentation

Why Xtravirt?


Xtravirt has deep technical expertise within the virtualisation and cloud space, and has been working with customers to transform services from ‘old to new’ environments since the beginning of modern virtualisation. We have the skills and experience to ensure you get the most out of this engagement, with a clear and validated vision for the future.


As a truly independent service provider, Xtravirt impartially selects the best technologies and vendors to address your business requirements.

Thought leadership

As specialists in IT transformation services, we are at the forefront of technology and our consultants continuously stay up to date with all the latest technologies and trends.  Our team speaks regularly at industry events and has significant involvement in the virtualisation community.

Date Published: 19th February 2017
Date Modified: 19th March 2019
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