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Freedom to find the solution that's right for you

The technologies and digital infrastructures that organisations are built on, are a bit like fingerprints – no two are the same! Different hardware, software and applications combine to create unique and complex IT environments.

When it comes to helping businesses solve their challenges, our job is to understand and navigate the complexity. There really is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. As an independent consulting business, we are vendor agnostic, and partner with leading vendors right across the technology sector – that way we’re free to choose and design solutions that truly are the ‘best-fit’ for our customers.


Global VMware Professional Services Partner of the Year

VMware Global Professional Services Partner of the Year

EMEA VMware Professional Services Partner of the Year

VMware EMEA Professional Services Partner of the Year

VMware Customer Story of the Year 2019

VMware Customer Story of the Year 2019

How we help our partner network

We deeply believe in the power of partnership, and collaborative business building is firmly rooted in our DNA.

Whether your strategy is to grow faster doing what you currently do, or rapidly expand into new areas, then we can help.

Xtravirt brings together years of successful collaboration programs from across the industry ranging from portfolios of off-the-shelf services, or highly customised service engagements. We partner with you to help you to help your customers on their journey, wherever they aim to be, and support your sales and marketing teams, while supercharging your delivery capabilities.

We enable you to safely take on new growth challenges, delivering increased value to attract new customers while retaining and continually delighting existing ones.


The rapid evolution of the industry is driving greater go-to-market diversity within value-add resellers to develop customer relationships to trusted partner status.

Our packaged service portfolio, pre-sales support and partner framework de-risks your growth initiatives while accelerating your ability to get stickier with your customers and gain a competitive advantage..

Service Providers

You want organisations to adopt your platform or service but need assistance understanding the journey to get there or physically achieving the transition.

Xtravirt provides collaborative sales and delivery support to accelerate the onboarding of customers, reducing theirs and you time-to-value.

The no-brainer ROI

For every £1 we generate, we typically produce a minimum £5 of additional client value through the trusted partner relationship.


"This is brilliant work, thank you. You customised the solution perfectly to suit the client, and the customer feedback on your engagement has been fantastic. The telling comment being we wish we could have had Xtravirt for more time'."
VDI transformation for international service company,
Account Team Leader, VMware