Jainie Morar - Xtravirt

Jainie Morar

Marketing Co-ordinator

What attracted you to Xtravirt

It’s a dynamic company in which its people come first


What makes Xtravirt great

The people. Everyone is so passionate about what they do and supportive of each other


Leadership style

I think a collaborative style, where input is sought and considered


What makes a great Marketing Co-ordinator?

Communication skills are essential to being a great Marketing co-ordinator, being able to articulate what you mean and enthuse and motivate those around you.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

The variety of work, from putting together social media content to working on corporate awareness and strategy


Your expertise

Strategic planning but also the ability to be hands on and take on the tactical tasks


People would be surprised to hear that I worked as …

A Storeman in a fruit and vegetable market


First car?

A Ford Laser


I have lived/work in the following cities:

Wellington, Wanganui (NZ), London


Charities, causes, institutions I support

Cancer Research UK, British Red Cross



Reading, gardening, craft, travel and baking


What was your first job?

Supermarket check-out girl for Woolworths (NZ), worked there for 7 years part time