Jane Mills - Xtravirt

Jane Mills

Office Administrator

What attracted you to Xtravirt

Liked the Job Description & Location – and now I’ve been here over 2 years really glad I joined!


What makes Xtravirt great

Very good company to work for (look after their employees well), professional firm & professional attitude, combined with flexibility towards employees, nice people to work with


What’s your favourite part of your job?

I most enjoy organising the travel and accommodation requirements for the consulting team, along with other differing ad-hoc tasks that may be requested at any time


People would be surprised to hear that I worked as …

An assistant for various motorcycle shows, events & track days when working at Yamaha


First car?

Peugeot (boring but very comfortable)



Don’t you require spare time for hobbies? Between work and home chores, never seems to be any time – but do try to eat out now and then (favourite pastime!)


What was your first job?

Copy Typist for the Area Office of J. Sainsbury supermarket chain (using a manual typewriter)