Stuart Durrett - Xtravirt

Stuart Durrett

Chief Operating Officer

What is your role at Xtravirt?

I am responsible for day to day running of Xtravirt, I provide oversight and guidance to the finance and administration teams, as well as ensuring the consulting organisation is delivering to the needs of our customers and partners on a daily basis.


What was your first job?

Regional auditor for Martins the newsagents.


What attracted you to Xtravirt?

The opportunity to work in an organisation where my actions can directly make a positive difference to my staff and customers. Being surrounded by likeminded, enthusiastic, hard-working, and talented individuals.


What makes Xtravirt great?

The people, everyone is handpicked based on the skills and expertise they can bring to the organisation.  We have a great breadth and depth of knowledge, but the common factor everyone has is that they feel a sense of ownership and loyalty and the truly care about what they do and how the deliver it.


What industries would you say you know well?

Financial Services, Public Sector, Gaming, Education.


What makes a great COO?

A good COO is needs to be unwavering in the goals they are looking to achieve, and to ensure they build the right team around them in order to achieve this.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

Engaging with clients and business partners.  It’s great to be able to get face time with the organisations you help transform.  Listening to what they wish to achieve, and then being able to play back the changes you have delivered to transform their business is hugely satisfying.


People would be surprised to hear that I worked as…

A barman.


First car?

A Lada.


Charities, causes, or institutions I support

Parity for Disability.



I have worked in a number of roles and industries during my career, spanning from 1st line support, through to software developer, project manager, practice manager, to financial manager and COO.