Ted Bechman - Xtravirt

Ted Bechman

Finance Director

What is your role at Xtravirt?

My role as Strategic Financial Director is to help the business transition through key growth phases in it’s lifecycle.  Businesses often create initial momentum through entrepreneurial spirit, this however becomes diluted as growth is achieved.  My role is to ensure that this entrepreneurial spirit is harnessed, such that the business scales without losing its identity as a dynamic, young “startup” whilst adhering to Corporate Governance rules required to support growth.


What was your first job

Trainee Accountant at Ernst and Young.


What attracted you to Xtravirt?    

The quality of staff both in terms of technical and personal skills and the willingness of the senior team to communicate to the whole business.  The skill bar is very high, with an expectation of a professional, hardworking ethos.  This has resulted in a team spirit being created where reliance can be placed on performance and delivery. This has been central to the growth achieved to date.


What makes Xtravirt great?

The mixture of global competitive capability in a business where a sensible work/life balance is advocated.  This can only be achieved with talented people of a similar mindset.


Leadership style

It is always difficult to have both a collaborative environment and one where there is clear leadership, however this is achieved at Xtravirt.   The leadership style is inclusive, thereby ensuring that everybody commits to the primary goal, underpinned by a real desire to be the best within the confines of a clearly defined and articulated corporate strategy.


What’s your favorite part of your job?

The requirement for my role is to be objective and look at the big picture rather than focusing on detail.  Helping to define the strategy and thereafter its execution are both challenging and rewarding.


People would be surprised to hear that I worked as…

Spectacle technician – creating industrial prescription glasses for use by factory workers.


My first car

Austin 1300 GT (with sunroof!)


I have lived/worked in the following cities

Switzerland, Paris, London.


Charities, causes, or institutions I support

Stem 4, Make-a-wish foundation.



Golf, football, bridge.



Trained with Ernst & Young as an auditor before moving to KPMG as Consultant.  Held variety of positions since in a number of SMEs mainly with a technology bias.  Two public (AIM) flotations – after the second of these, supported as the Finance Director a number of SMEs on a part time basis within a portfolio of approximately 3/4 entities at any one time.


What was your first job?

Holiday job at Marks & Spencer.