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Hybrid cloud is considered by many as the golden egg of IT capability. Xtravirt’s VMware Cloud on AWS services deliver all the advantages of VMware to the AWS public cloud giving a consistent user experience across the public cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

With Xtravirt, you have a trusted partner to help you through your cloud journey and achieve the best outcomes for your business.

Isn’t it time you accelerated innnovation and optimised your business?

Why VMware Cloud on AWS?

The move to the cloud isn’t without its challenges.  Migrating from on-premises IT to a native cloud environment can be a daunting thought. However, VMware Cloud on AWS is a hybrid cloud offer that gives your business the best of both worlds –  native access to AWS services and innovation without uprooting your IT

  • Seamless integration between AWS public cloud and on-premises VMware infrastructure
  • Maximise investment in existing workloads, teams, skillsets and processes
  • Rapid time to value with the ability to spin up an entire VMware SDDC in under 2 hours and scale host capacity in a few minutes
  • Leverage established on-premises enterprise security, governance and operational policies and extend that with the cloud scale and security that AWS Cloud brings
  • Flexibity and speed to enable a quick response to changing business needs or customer demands

VMware Cloud on AWS use cases

VMware Cloud on AWS provides a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud offering addressing a number of use cases that align to organisations cloud strategy

Accelerate Cloud Migration

Cloud Migrations

VMware Cloud on AWS is ideal for organisations wanting to move to the cloud without having to re-architect applications.

  • Minimises complexity and risk of transition 
  • Simplifies and accelerates speed of migrations 
  • Reduces cost of migrations 
  • Extends value of existing enterprise app investments 

Extend your datacentre

Expand your on-premises footprint with cloud capacity for specific needs, eg seasonal spikes, short term projects.

  • Reduces upfront investment costs and delivers compelling TCO
  • Accelerates speed of provisioning
  • Reduces complexity by having the same consistent architecture and operations on-premise and in the cloud
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Deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery, delivered as a service for VMware Cloud on AWS, delivers on-demand site protection with native automated orchestration, failover and fallback capabilities.

  • Reduces secondary DR site costs
  • Accelerates time-to-protection
  • Increases business resiliency
  • Simplifies DR operations
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Next generation apps

Modernise existing apps with AWS capabilities and services and integrate modern app tools and frameworks to develop next generation apps.

  • Fast and seamless path to new modernised apps
  • Extend the value of existing on-premises app investment

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Packaged Services

Xtravirt designs and builds strategies and solutions to solve complex IT challenges to help you unlock your full business and technology potentialIf VMware Cloud on AWS is on your roadmap, we have developed these packaged services to get you started.

Planning Workshop

This 2-day planning and strategy service provides: 

  • Expert coaching workshops to identify specific organisational challenges, opportunities and benefits that could be achieved with the VMware Cloud on AWS model
  • Practical preparation and training tailored to your environment to plan the right approach for your organisation
  • Documented findings to accelerate planning around solution design and best practice considerations

Implementation Service

This 4-week engagement is designed to accelerate the deployment process and provides: 

  • Expert coaching workshops to identify the core differentiators and benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS for your organisation  
  • Best practice design service for a VMware Cloud on AWS solution 
  • Hands-on deployment to ensure the solution integrates with existing systems 
  • Project management to accelerate the transition to VMware Cloud on AWS and a review of performance against business requirements 
  • Full documentation and knowledge transfer from Xtravirt consultants 

De-risk your cloud strategy and accelerate transformation with Xtravirt

For many organisations, migrating to the cloud is largely a journey into the unknown. If you are venturing on this journey for the first time you don’t want the unforseen to knock you off course or end up at the wrong destination.

Xtravirt have a range of consulting service packages designed to accelerate and de-risk your move to the cloud:

  • Determine your cloud readiness
  • Validate your cloud strategy
  • Assure a successful migration
  • Solve your business challenges


Free Half Day Cloud Consultation*

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Use it to discover more about whether VMware Cloud on AWS is right for your business, assess your company’s cloud readiness, or learn how you can implement and migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS quickly and securely.

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