VMworld 2018 - Xtravirt

Highlights from VMworld Europe 2018

Xtravirt were in Barcelona at VMworld 2018 Europe. As usual, VMware put on a great event and from our point of view provided a great opportunity to get more visibility on VMware’s road map, consider market trends and of course, meet up and chew the fat with many of our own partners.

Here is a quick run-down of what we enjoyed:

VMworld Partner General Session

As VMware’s Global Services Partner of the Year, Xtravirt CEO, Gavin Jolliffe took to the stage to speak to VMware’s partner community about delivering value to customers through services. The importance of building partnerships to achieve success, was the overriding theme of the session. As VMware reminded the audience “VMware partners aren’t an extended sales force, they ARE VMware”. In fact, VMware have 33,000 partners across the globe, who drive 95% of their business – partnership for them is everything.

And, the message to partners too was to forge ahead and build partnerships with customers and co-deliver business transformations. If a customer is transforming then by definition the collective business is doing something for the very first time which means they have lots of potential to get it wrong and negatively disrupt the business. They risk taking much longer, over-spending and may still not achieve what they set out to. Services are a great way to provide added value to customers and earn loyalty in return.

Digital Workspace and winning the war on talent

Increased interest in digital workspace solutions is something we are witnessing at Xtravirt, and Workspace ONE is VMware’s fully integrated EUC solution. Flexible and remote working can help organisations win the war on talent. During the Digital Workspace Showcase Keynote we heard that employees now use on average 2.6 devices each and up to 50% of the workforce now work remotely. The ability to deliver and manage any app on any device is VMware's Workspace ONE mantra. The focus on the solution’s security and business intelligence advantages (delivered through the Workspace ONE Intelligence Hub) were also showcased. Don’t expect Workspace ONE to take a back seat any time soon!

There were announcements (too many to mention them all)

  • VMware vSphere Platinum is now part of vCloud Platinum.
  • The IBM acquisition of Red Hat will provide more opportunities that ever for VMware and IBM to work together in the multi-cloud world.
  • VMware on AWS are on a quarterly release structure leading to rapid innovation.
  • VMware Cloud PKS announced making it simple to consume Kubernetes infrastructure.

If you are still hungry for more, then why not check out the keynote sessions on demand on the VMworld video library

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