Streamlined agility

Cloud Automation for VMware vRealize

Cloud automation lets you rapidly streamline your operations. Xtravirt are specialists in helping you deliver that next competitive edge.

VMware vRealize® Automation automates the delivery of infrastructure, applications and custom IT services. Cloud automation lets you deploy across a multi-vendor hybrid cloud infrastructure, giving you both flexibility and investment protection for current and future technology choices.

Xtravirt is a leading VMware vRealize automation partner and has the ultimate combination of deep experience and agility to unlock your full business and technology potential. If cloud automation is on your roadmap then this is the place to start.

How we work with you

Plan and Design

Understand your vision and needs, discover and storyboard the scenarios while creating the project design.


Rapidly iterate workflows, building functionality and unit testing.


Rapid deployment through release management, with quality assurance


We can support evolution and iteration of workflows across the lifecycle

Cloud Automation Packaged Services

We deliver a structured VMware vRealize Cloud Automation service to get you on your way.


We work closely with leading technology providers to create seamlessly integrated data centre and private cloud solutions, tailored to you.